Hi there! My name is Kayla Michelle Deshler. I am a Southern California-based photographer specializing in portraits, engagements, lifestyle, and weddings. I graduated from California State University of Fullerton with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Creative Photography. My fine art background has helped me find my own unique style to bring to the photography community. I love taking traditional dreamy, romantic photos of couples and mixing it up with interesting angles and areas of focus.

So, a little more about me, I grew up in Orange County with two awesome parents and an incredible sister. I’ve always been equally “right-brain” and “left-brain,” finding just as much satisfaction in singing, dancing, drawing and photography as I did in writing, science and math-that’s right, I actually like math! I am totally in love with my boyfriend Mitch and our sweet rescued cattle dog, Rocket. My all-time favorite TV shows are Friends, The Office, and Breaking Bad. I’m a huge animal lover and I can’t get through any animal-related videos without crying, (Mitch loves to tease me about it). Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love making my own costumes! Oh, and I don’t know how to ride a bike. So now that you know probably a little too much about me, please let me get to know you! Feel free to contact me any time with inquiries!

Kayla Michelle Deshler

in omnia paratus ready for anything

You may have noticed my tagline, "in omnia paratus--ready for anything." I love this phrase because it really defines my working style. I am always open-minded and excited about every new photoshoot. Anything can happen and I always embrace the little surprises and moments that make each shoot unique and special. (Oh, and if you were wondering, YES I got that latin phrase from my guilty pleasure--Gilmore Girls. Don't judge!)