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Big Bear Family Day

Wow! This has been one HOT summer! Last weekend, we decided to beat the Orange County heat and escape to Big Bear for some mountain breeze. Mitch recently got a new (old) Jeep and couldn’t wait to go off-roading with his dad, who also has a Jeep. The 6 of us (Mitch, me, his parents, and our pups) headed up to the mountains, leaving the blistering 109º weather for the much nicer 79ºish. That was one rough ride, let me tell you! As Mitch and his dad insist, the ONLY way to drive a jeep is with no top and windows down. Well, that’s fine and all but my incredibly-easily-tangled hair is not so sure. So, I always wrap a scarf around my whole head to avoid later having to shave it because of all the tangles. Mitch thinks it’s embarrassing and loves to make fun of my but hey, it gets the job done. However, it’s not so fun when it’s over 100º outside, so the cool mountain air could not come soon enough!

As soon as we got up the mountain, we took a doggy potty break, and Mitch and his family ran into their old neighbors & his childhood friends! They have since moved away and haven’t seen each other in years, so this was a super unexpected and pleasant surprise!

The rest of the day was pure enjoyment. The weather ended up being a little stormy and overcast, and it even started raining while we were sitting outside a cute little cafe having lunch. It was still not too cold outside and we were (mostly) covered by an umbrella, so we took it as a adventure more than an inconvenience. After this, we spent some time by the lake. I recently bought a Groupon for one of those 3-panel canvasses and I really wanted to get a good shot up in Big Bear to use for that purpose. As a photographer, this was the perfect day, with beautiful overcast skies preventing any harsh mid-day shadows. Also, I just love gloomy days like this anyway because it reminds me of Fall & Halloween, my favorite time of year!

As the day continued, we went along on our off-road trail and Mitch loved breaking in his new jeep. I kept taking shots along the way, as I love this style of lifestyle, “in the moment” photography. I even got some Father-Son photos that I think the family will cherish for a long time. Overall, it was an amazing day and a perfect getaway from this summer heat.


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