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Christian & Kaylee Engagement Photos

It’s widely believed that the best relationships start out as good friendships, and I’m sure Christian and Kaylee would agree. They met in college and remained friends for two years before they started dating. And as is the foundation for all great relationships–they made fun of each other constantly. This is one fun-loving, competitive couple, so when Christian took Kaylee to an epic mini-golf match for their first date, it was sure to make for a great night. Since then, their typical date nights consist of Dave & Busters, board games, and anything else that gives each of them a chance to beat the other. They’re so competitive, in fact, that they keep a running tab of who is winning. Currently, Kaylee is in the lead, and I’m eager to find out who will be winning by their wedding next month!

Kaylee has always loved Christian for his ability to make her laugh. When she makes a sarcastic comment, he counters it with some witty remark! He knew he wanted to marry Kaylee at the exact moment he saw her at his boot camp graduation.

Christian proposed at one of their favorite places, the LA Zoo. He planned ahead and arranged for one of the employees to ask to take their photo in front of the giraffes, and he was ready to get down on one knee and propose right when they snapped the photo!

Fast forward to their engagement photoshoot that we took at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. It has been a long and hot summer, and yet we had a sudden downpour of rain during their session! We joked that of course there was not a drop of rain before or after we arrived, but it was non-stop while we were there! At first we were a little afraid that the rain would ruin our session, but after we got in the groove of things and made the most of it, we really got some great shots! I’m in love with the dreamy, romantic shots we were able to get out of the pouring rain, and now I can’t wait for more rainy day shoots! Oh, and I’m so glad that they decided to bring their adorable little 3-month-old pup, Cooper. He definitely tried his best to steal the show!

We are all SO looking forward to their wedding… October 8th can’t come soon enough! On top of the rustic vibes and pretty fall atmosphere that are right up my alley, they are going to serve some home-style Southern BBQ for dinner, which we all can’t wait for!

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