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Alaina & Nick Intimate Beach Wedding

What can I say about Alaina & Nick’s intimate sunset wedding? It was pretty much.. perfect. Small weddings are my jam and this day was too beautiful for anything to go wrong. The Corona Del Mar beach and a gorgeous sunset were stunning enough, but when you pair it with a model-worthy couple and incredible florals, it was a photographer’s paradise! This wedding was extra special for me because Alaina is a friend of mine and I wanted to make sure the photos of her big day were perfect. I was a little worried about the beach in the Fall, but California’s reputation of perfect weather came in clutch and it turned out to be a beautiful day. I actually ended up loving the unique twist of having fall-colored florals for an October wedding on the beach. Once the sun went down and we got those gorgeous pinks and peach colors in the sky, it paired amazingly with the peach and burgundy in Alaina’s bouquet to create some seriously stunning images. On top of how pretty everything looked, it was such a pleasure to experience Nick and Alaina’s pure joy in every moment. They loved to goof around and anyone could tell that they each truly married their best friend. It was a treat for me that they were both so easy-going and fun-loving, because it allowed me to convince them to get in the water to get some really awesome shots! I even got in the water too to get that perfect shot (you can’t say I’m not committed)! All in all, it was a wonderful day and I feel so honored that this sweet couple chose me to be a part of the magic that day. I could do photoshoots just like this every day and never tire of it! (Next time I just need to bring a more water-friendly outfit!)

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