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Mandy & Dani | Grad Photos 2018

What a beautiful day this was! I got to spend this gorgeous, sunny March afternoon with one of my oldest and best friends, as well as a new friend that I got to meet that day. Mandy and Dani are two great friends rapidly approaching their graduation day in May, where they will both be awarded with Master’s Degrees from Chapman University. Talk about an accomplishment! When I got my Bachelor’s Degree, I was so burnt out on school that I could hardly imagine CHOOSING to go back for more. I have serious respect for these two for having the perseverance and dedication to accomplish such a huge achievement!
Like I said, Mandy is a friend I’ve had since elementary school. She is one of the kindest, smartest, bubbliest people I know and a true beauty. I was honored to photograph my stunning friend and make her feel as pretty as the rest of the world sees her. Mandy’s retro fashion and timeless beauty looked AMAZING in front of the camera. I was also lucky enough to photograph Dani, another gorgeous lady and a natural behind the camera. Although I had just met Dani that day, she was such a fun and welcoming person that the photoshoot ended up being a total blast. Also, Dani’s natural icy blue eyes could make your jaw drop! These two have been working so hard, and this little outing consisting of a stroll around Chapman, a pit-stop at the Orange Circle, some cap-tossing, and finally splashing around in the iconic (and apparently very COLD) fountain, were JUST what the doctor ordered! It was a great day for me too! Shooting at golden hour in a pretty place with not ONE but TWO knock-out beauties?! What more could a photographer ask for?!


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