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Hannah & Zach | Lake Tahoe Engagement

What’s better than one engagement session?! TWO! But we’ll get the that in a minute. Let me start off by saying that these photos hold a special place in my heart. Hannah and Zach are one of those couples that you can just tell are meant to be. They share the same values and sense of humor, and both enjoy the thrill of living on the edge…(They both choose to NOT have a case on their phones???) But in all seriousness, Hannah is one of my very best friends, and when Mitch and I get married, she’ll be my sister. And Zach is simply the man of her dreams. I remember the summer before she met Zach, we were both single and she was describing her perfect man. She described someone with a kind heart, a friendly demeanor and love for all people (like Jimmy Fallon), and someone she could be adventurous with. Little did she know that she was perfectly describing her future husband, who she would meet in just a few short months. And Zach met his perfect match too, because when you see them together, it’s impossible not to notice how much he adores her. These two are family to me, and I am so happy to be apart of their journey.

Back to the photos.. As I mentioned earlier, we were lucky enough to get to do two engagement sessions! As a family, we spent the whole weekend up in Tahoe in Zach’s family’s beautiful cabin. The first day, we took all of the photos just around the beautiful property surrounding the cabin. It was gloomy and stormy weather, but that didn’t stop us from getting some beautiful shots. (They were real troopers for staying out with me, it was freezing!) Two days later, it was a nice sunny day and we all went to check out their wedding venue. Luckily I convinced them to do another photoshoot there because it was so beautiful! Between the two shoots we got a nice variety of photos, due the outfits and scenery, as well as the weather! Altogether it was a lovely weekend, and I just can’t wait for these two to get hitched in August!

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